Small Engine Tachometer

Basic Use Of Small Engine Tachometer/Hours Meters

small engine tachometer and hours meter is an awesome tool to use to keep track of the hours ran on a motor. Usually these meters are installed on lawn mowers, generators and boat engines. The tachometer is used to determine a correct idle speed (RPM) to set on the motor. The correct idle speed is very important as this directly effects the fuel efficiency and the longevity of the engine.

Small engine tachometers can be purchased online or at some big box retail stores. Wider selection and better prices are almost always found online. These hour meters are designed to fit the majority of applications, meaning that not all installation will work *perfectly*.
Typically small engine tachometers hours meters are insanely easy to install. Just wrap the spark plug cord around the spark plug cable and then bolt the ground cable to the frame of the unit.

After the physical installation you will need to configure the unit to work with your engine type. The settings will need to be changed if you have a 2 cycle motor or 4 cycle motor, along with the number of cylinders in the engine. You will also need to set the maintenance points of the engine. This step is very important as this is one of the sole reasons why you purchased a hours meter!

Common Installation

  1. Mount the tachometer/hours meter to a secure location on the boat/lawnmower etc
  2. Wrap the spark plug sensor around a spark plug cable
  3. Bolt the ground wire to a grounded portion of the application
  4. Configure the hours meter to correct cylinders and engine type (2 stroke or 4 stroke)
  5. Typically the maintenance intervals are set during this set up process to remind you that the maintenance needs to be performed on the motor. Very nice!

Small Engine Tachometer / Hour Meter Benefits

  • Maintain a record of the amount of hours a motor/engine has been run
  • Reminder for maintenance at set intervals depending on motor type, age, usage
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine, constant reminder to take care of your engine!

Do I really Need to Buy a Small Engine Tachometer?

Now the answer to this question is really up to you, but in my experience a small engine tachometer is not only a fun toy to have for your but also a necessity. Think about trying to set the idle RPMS of your new *to you* boat motor? Or setting the idle RPMs on your lawn mower without a tachometer. Nearly impossible!

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